12/21/2011 02:12 pm ET

'A Butter Message To The USA!': Norwegian Butter Crisis Vlogger Inspires Video Responses (VIDEO)

Norwegian vlogger SuperTommyLife has been making waves on the web these past few days after posting a four-and-a-half minute rant about Norway's current butter shortage to YouTube.

While it is true that Norway is facing an unusually low dairy yield this winter and dealing with a smaller butter supply as a result, Tommy seems to be a little more upset about comedians poking fun at the issue than most Norwegians.

Naturally, as is the case whenever a vlog goes viral, parody videos are popping up left and right. We've chosen a couple of our favorites to give you guys a feel, but for what it's worth, nothing quite matches the earnest, buttery rage of the original.


Edna (Tommy's "sister)

"A Money Message to the Norway"