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Anita Perry Ad Released By Rick Perry Campaign (VIDEO)

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Rick Perry has enlisted his better half to help win over voters in Iowa. In a 30-second spot released Wednesday, Anita Perry tells viewers the story of how they got together.

"It's an old-fashioned American story, I married my high school sweetheart...we grew up in small towns, raised with Christian values...and we know Washington D.C. could use some of that," she says, also touting his record in the Air Force.

Toward the end of the ad, Perry jumps into the frame — seemingly out of nowhere — to let viewers know that he "really approves this message." Some media outlets poked fun at his sneak attack-esque entrance.

The video lands on the same day as Mitt Romney released one starring his wife.

Anita Perry has defended her husband's campaign, even in its rockiest moments. She recently admitted that his infamous "oops" moment was "very, very painful." During a Republican debate last month, Perry forgot the name of one of the three agencies he'd vowed to cut as president.

She also recently told voters in New Hampshire that "he's done well since the oops."

Watch the ad below.

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