12/21/2011 01:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 22, 2011

'Berkeley Enough': Fog And Smog's New Video Pokes Fun At LA Transplants (VIDEO)

The holidays are coming, and viral video production company Fog and Smog knows what that means: the return of San Francisco's LA-based prodigal sons to try and claim the Bay Area as their own.

With new video "Berkeley Enough," Fog and Smog -- the group that brought us the hilarious "Whole Foods Parking Lot" -- has immortalized that very struggle.


As anyone who has made the Bay-to-LA move can attest (present company included), an ex-Bay Arean is often shown the cold shoulder upon return. Don we now our LA Clippers apparel? Better get your own spot at Dolores. Think the burritos in Westlake rival those in the Mission? Sorry, your friends just ran out of extra tickets to the secret Green Day show. Is that a rally monkey in your back seat? Get out. No, seriously. Get out of the car.

In "Berkeley Enough," LA-based DJ Dave (originally from Berkeley) defends his "doing LA with a Bay twist," while MC LaeCharles reprimands him for not being "Berkeley enough."

The video is rife with tongue-in-cheek Berkeley stereotypes, ("I ride my bike a lot and drive a Prius, too / I guess I can't get down like you without a Subaru / When I get a coffee, I still go to Peet's -- just not the one at the corner of Walnut and Vine streets / Yeah, I like the clippers but you know what that means -- I'm from the Bay, we love underachieving sports teams") as well as hilariously typical Angelino claims of Bay Area patriotism ("So what if it's been two decades since I lived there?").

Check out the battle in Fog and Smog's video "Berkeley Enough" below: