12/21/2011 04:00 pm ET

Illinois Lottery: $2.4 Million In Unclaimed Winnings To Expire In New Year

The Illinois Lottery on Wednesday announced that some $2 million worth of prizes from the past year remain unclaimed and are set to expire beginning Jan. 4.

The prizes, as ABC Chicago reports, include five Mega Millions tickets worth $250,000 apiece and four second-place Powerball tickets worth $200,000 each. Little Lotto winnings as high as $650,000 have also yet to be claimed.

If no one comes forward with their winning tickets within one year of their purchase, Jan. 4 in one ticket's case, their value will be reduced to nothing more than the paper on which they are printed, according to an AP report.

The Illinois Lottery has a list of where and when each remaining unclaimed ticket was purchased.

Photo by quinn.anya via Flickr.