National Anthem Terrifies Baby (VIDEO)

12/21/2011 04:57 pm ET

It's almost as if the parents of this tiny tyke knew just what effect the loud music would have when they fixed their camera on this poor little guy. How else can you explain such a perfect moment of cuteness caught on tape? Just look at those cheeks.

Below, check out the tot's undeniably adorable reaction when the Chilean national anthem kicks in.

The music-induced fright-attack harks back to an earlier viral video, where one blue-eyed baby is terrified of his mother's nose-blowing.

Instead of things freaking out small children, how about calming them down?

Here, a cat seems to have found a baby's snooze button after it calmed the crying child down with a touch of its paw.

Additionally, who could forget the puppy who, after enduring one child's wails, resorted to giving the girl a taste of her own medicine by howling until she stopped crying?

Now you can't, and you're welcome.


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