12/22/2011 01:55 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2011

Barneys Orders Cancelled, Online Shoppers Informed Three Days Before Christmas

Sarah Jessica Parker once said, "If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys."

Well, SJP, apparently that's not always the case. Several unlucky Barneys shoppers got some bad news this holiday season in the form of a customer service email:

This technical issue posed a significant challenge for our IT department and in turn caused some lengthy delays in responding to both order requests and emails and so I apologize as well for the lateness of this reply. Rest assured we are working around the clock to repair these errors and ensure that they do not occur again, but nonetheless your order was canceled as we no longer have the inventory to fulfill it.

Racked, which got a copy of the message, reports that the emails were sent by Kevin Thompson, Barneys' Vice President Customer Experience and Development, yesterday afternoon. Shoppers were told that a tech glitch coincided with an immense demand for products this season, leaving Barneys unable to fulfill some online orders.

We're really hoping Sarah Jessica didn't do any online shopping this season. Same goes plenty of other celebs -- Barneys, after all, is a shopping mecca for Hollywood stars and even pops up frequently in shows like "Gossip Girl" and "Sex and the City" (RIP).

Check out a whole slew of famous faces, from Heidi Klum to Jessica Simpson, who've been seen toting their black Barneys bags. And read more about the store's customer service debacle at