12/22/2011 06:21 pm ET

Glenn Beck Sings About His Guns And Moving To Texas On GBTV (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck's internet-based network, GBTV, debuted a pseudo-Christmas song complete with a gospel choir and a Glenn Beck solo.

The song appeared on Friday's episode of GBTV's comedy show, "BS of A." Host Brian Sack broke out into song celebrating Beck's upcoming move to Texas. Beck announced that he will be moving to Dallas, Texas back in July. The time has finally come for Beck to bid New York farewell. He certainly won't be upset to leave his neighbors.

Sack sang an opening verse of the song, highlighting how thrilled he was about Beck's move.

It doesn't matter what's under the tree,

Because this Christmas, Santa's been so good to me!

Glenn Beck's going to Texas,

That's fifteen hundred miles away.

I'd been hoping for Moscow,

But I'll take Dallas any day.

Clearly, the highlight of the song was Beck's performance. After Sack barged into his office, Beck stood up and sang a cappella.

It's true I'm going to Texas.

They have lots of cows and sun.

Tania's packed the gold bars,

And a U-Hal for my guns.

Watch the song, complete with Beck's performance, below: