12/22/2011 07:28 pm ET

Terry Gilliam's 'Christmas Card' 1968 Animation Brings Vintage Cards To Life (VIDEO)

In his famous Christmas Card animation, screenwriter, director and animator Terry Gilliam brings a collection of vintage holiday cards to life, with characters involved in a cohesive, nontraditional storyline that ends with the season's most notorious commercial figure: Santa.

His creation was featured on a British television series called "Do Not Adjust Your Set" in 1968, according to io9.

Gilliam went to the Tate Gallery, sorted through various Victorian Christmas cards and essentially played around with them until he had his finished product, according to The Open Culture blog.

Gilliam's imagination will likely give you a fresh take on those conventional cards plastered with the same, stereotypical holiday greeting. If it doesn't do that, at least it'll entertain you.