12/22/2011 06:58 am ET | Updated Feb 21, 2012

'The Exes': Who's The Homeless Hunk In Holly's Shower? (VIDEO)

The premise of "The Exes" (Wed., 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land) has Kristen Johnston's Holly Brooks helping out three recently divorced men by allowing them to live in her building. In the process, she's become friends with all of them and we learn that they're not the only ones struggling to find themselves and have their needs fulfilled.

Holly's needs were on full display when Stuart invited the homeless guy who'd been using the building laundry room to use her shower to get cleaned up. She was enraged at Stuart ... at least, until the homeless guy came out all clean-shaven and absolutely ripped. Suddenly, there was no rush to throw him out. In fact, she made a date with him instead.

Unfortunately, Holly was a little too slow getting to the bar and he wound up hooking up with someone else. But, at least she knows who her friends are. They're the guys who tricked a woman into thinking that Haskell was really Phil ... or vice-versa ... or something. Internet dating is complicated.

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