12/22/2011 01:16 pm ET

Michelle Obama, Volunteers Decorate White House To Honor Troops (VIDEO)

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Decorating the White House for the holidays is more than just aesthetics -- it's also proving to be a way to thank our troops.

About 130 volunteers, including veterans, active duty members and kids, traveled to the White House to help decorate the rooms of the President's house with framed medals of honor and other military-inspired pieces.

"We're using the holiday season here at the White House to highlight our troops," Michelle Obama said. "So throughout the house, we've found creative ways to pay tribute."

One of those ways is the Gold Star Family tree, dedicated to the memory of fallen service members. Family members of the fallen heroes described the significance of being able to help decorate their tree in their loved ones' honor.

"This means so much to us that we can come out and be part and just smile," said Jennifer, a Gold Star mother from Kansas.


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