12/23/2011 12:32 pm ET

Daily Affirmation Jessica Soothes Crying Baby, Cements Herself As Coolest Web Kid (VIDEO)

Remember Daily Affirmation Jessica? The little girl who went viral in 2010 because she was ready to take on the world? Well, another video of her being an awesome kid has surfaced online, but this one has a little less pump-up potential. It's more along the lines of the cat soothing the crying baby.

The video, filmed when she met her newborn sister in the hospital back in 2000, is just going viral now thanks to sites like Videogum picking up the story.

So maybe the next time you hear a baby crying, just remind them, "YOUOKAYYOUOKAYYOUOKAYYOUOKAY, YOUFINEYOUFINEYOUFINE."

Via The Daily What


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