12/23/2011 12:05 pm ET

Gordon Ramsay Wins Court Case, Awarded About $390,000 From Computer Hacking Father-In-Law

Forget all the drama in the kitchen -- Gordon Ramsay has been battling more than sorry cooks. A judge ruled that his father-, sister- and brother-in-law were guilty of hacking into Ramsay's personal emails and company computers. Ramsay was awarded £250,000 (about $390,000).

Ramsay had fired his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, as chief executive of his company after discovering that Hutcheson had raised a secret family with a woman that was not his wife, and two children. Hutcheson was accused of using funds from Ramsay's company toward this double life. This particular suit found Hutcheson guilty of reading messages that included personal correspondance between Ramsay and his wife. Ramsay is reported to have felt "vindicated" by the win.

In addition to family drama, Gordon Ramsay has been no stranger to other lawsuits in the past few years. He has been accused of everything from not paying not paying cleaners to not paying meat suppliers. This time, he's on the winning side though.