Isiah Johnson Charged With Assault After Karaoke Brawl In Ohio

12/23/2011 03:00 pm ET

Your eardrums and your pride aren't the only things you risk injuring when you visit a karaoke bar.

Police in Ohio say a disgruntled karaoke performer started throwing punches in a Sandusky club, slugging three victims in the face after bar-goers booed him offstage on Dec. 20.

Isiah Johnson, 20, hadn't been singing for long when the crowd at Cabana Jack's turned against him, WNWO reports.

Amidst boos, Johnson allegedly slammed the microphone on the ground -- prompting bar staff to toss him out of the venue, according to the Sandusky Register.

But Johnson hadn't sung his swan song yet, investigators say.

He returned to the venue and allegedly punched members of the crowd who tried to force him to leave, WOIO reports.

The brawl spread to the street, where police arrived and took Johnson into custody.

Officers determined the suspect was "under the influence of intoxicants," according to records obtained by Fox 8.

Johnson has been charged with three counts of assault, persistant disorderly conduct for returning to the venue after being asked to leave, obstructing official business, underage consumption and resisting arrest.

He was released from custody Thursday, according to The Associated Press.


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