12/23/2011 03:26 pm ET

Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Brothers For 'The Hangover 2'

Lawsuit time!

The latest brand in a huff is Louis Vuitton, over some unauthorized product placement in a little movie called "The Hangover 2."

According to the Guardian, the designer label is upset over the airport scene in which Zach Galifianakis's character totes several giant leather trunks and bags. When Ed Helms moves one of them without asking, Galifianakis says, "Careful! That is a Louis Vuitton" (hilariously pronouncing the "s" aloud).

But as it turns out, it wasn't a Louis Vuitton. The bags used by Warner Brothers for the film were fakes, created by the company Diophy which manufacturers all sorts of faux luxury bags.

Louis Vuitton is in the middle of a suit against Diophy to put a stop to the counterfeit bags (see them here on eBay). But in the meantime, they've also slapped Warner Brothers with a lawsuit for "trademark dilution, false designation of origin and unfair competition" in "The Hangover 2."

The leather maker also wants a cut of the film's profits, which total $581 million from worldwide box office sales.

The whole thing may seem silly, considering the movie came out months ago and has since dropped from the pop culture radar. And wouldn't Louis Vuitton appreciate the free product placement, since the average viewer couldn't tell the bags were fake anyway?

Apparently not, considering how the counterfeiting industry is such a thorn in Louis Vuitton's side. Just this week, a U.S. government-organized sting seized $76.8 million worth of counterfeit items from American ports and shops, 93 percent of which were bags, shoes and clothes.

And we'd bet a lot of money that there were some fake Louis bags in that haul.

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