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The Best iPad Apps: 10 Essential Apps For The New iPad You Got For The Holidays

First Posted: 12/25/11 11:15 AM ET   Updated: 01/04/12 02:54 PM ET

Did you just get a new iPad for the holidays? Survey says that if you're an average American, you probably really wanted one! (Unless, that is, you're waiting for the mythical iPad 3). Anyway, once you've taken your new iPad out of that box, you're going to want to load it up with apps from the App Store; here are the first ten iPad apps that we would get, if we'd been gifted a new iPad this December.

Instapaper ($4.99)
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You're going to want to do a lot of reading on your iPad -- and not just book-reading, either! Instapaper is a handy utility for saving articles from webpages for clean, ad-free viewing on your iPad later. You can save an article from anywhere -- your laptop, your iPhone, or your iPad itself -- and it saves the text of that article to your Instapaper account for you to access later from your iPad. A great way to collect and read interesting writing from the web on your new tablet.

Download Instapaper here.

Read It Later is a popular Instapaper alternative.