LeBron James Heckled By Santa During Miami Heat Win Over Dallas Mavericks (VIDEO)

12/26/2011 01:27 pm ET

The threat that Santa Claus could possibly deliver a lump of coal to misbehaving young children rather than hoped-for presents has been used to keep youngsters in line for decades. While I've been fortunate enough -- and, mostly, well behaved -- so as to never receive a stocking full of coal, I've always felt that the mere possibility of receiving such an punitive gift offers a glimpse into the psyche of Santa.

Apparently, you don't want to cross this guy. He'll remember if you screw something up. And, just in case he forgets, he is going to check twice. So, don't mess with Santa. After all, he's the sort of guy who would reportedly go out of his way to drop off something to make you feel badly rather than just skip your chimney all together.

Clearly, LeBron James' behavior has angered the not-so-jolly St. Nick featured in the video above. During the Miami Heat's dominant victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Christmas day, there was a man in the stands dressed in Santa's signature outfit who was clearly displeased with James. And rather than just skip that chimney, he was letting LeBron and most anyone in the lower bowl of the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

I wonder what specific act of James' earned him a place on Santa's naughty list?