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Ron Paul CNN Interview: Did CNN Edit The Video Unfairly? (VIDEO)

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An uncut version of Ron Paul's seemingly testy interview with CNN surfaced on Sunday, and has raised questions about whether or not the network may have unfairly edited the interview.

Paul was interviewed by CNN's Gloria Borger last week. During the version that aired on CNN, Borger asked Paul about controversial newsletters from the 1980s and 90s that were published under his name. Paul seemed to grow frustrated by Borger's questions. The candidate took off his mic while Borger was still speaking and abruptly ended the interview.

The unedited version that surfaced on Sunday seemingly caused some viewers and Paul supporters to draw a different conclusion about how the interview ended.

The unedited version shows that the interview seemed to have lasted more than eight minutes. As The Hill pointed out, Borger interviewed Paul about a number of topics. While Paul was clearly frustrated, he answered questions about the newsletters for "almost three minutes before walking off, and that the interview was likely over." Paul supporters have been criticizing the network for what they believe was an unfair editing job by CNN.

Paul's controversial newsletters, which came up during his previous runs for Congress and the Republican nomination for president, has made its way back into the news in recent weeks.

Watch the unedited version and the version that played on CNN below.

Unedited version: Edited version:

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