Yoko Ono Heading To India: Artist Says She's Searching For Inspiration

12/27/2011 05:40 pm ET
  • Kia Makarechi Senior Editor for Mobile and Innovations, The Huffington Post

Yoko Ono is heading to New Delhi. The 78-year-old artist and widow of John Lennon hopes to find inspiration and view an exhibition of her artwork at a local gallery.

In an interview with The Hindustani Times, Ono says she is "coming for encouragement and inspiration," a departure from her first trip to the country with Lennon, when she says she was only there to "appreciate and enjoy India's land and culture."

Her exhibition is being presented at multiple venues in Delhi by the Vadehra Art Gallery from January 13 to March 10. "Our Beautiful Daughters" is an homage to the power and grace of India's women.

The exhibition will feature both live performances by Ono and an archive of her work (including collaborations with Lennon). Ono said she will also be performing music and hopes to collaborate with local musicians. In her characteristically dramatic way, Ono believes it's "interesting that I have been asked to come to the country I love and respect at this time when the world is going haywire."

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