12/28/2011 10:27 am ET

'America's Supernanny' Meets A Cursing 4-Year-Old (VIDEO)

"America's Supernanny" (Tues., 9PM EST on Lifetime) Deborah Tillman has seen plenty of bad behavior in her many years as a daycare proprietor. But when she met the Gregg family, even she was aghast at 4-year-old Armani's expletive-filled vocabulary. So was his mom Traci, who confessed that, "I'm almost in shock when Armani curses at me." Tillman agreed, calling Armani's cursing "outrageous for a 4-year-old, for any age, but particularly for a 4-year-old."

As it turned out, Armani had learned to throw out curses like candy from his father Bill. "The only person on earth he would've gotten that from is his dad," Bill admitted. "I knew that was my mistake ... that's what got me, he was sounding like me. But I know I'm gonna stop," he pledged.

Tillman was impressed at Bill's willingness to change his own vocabulary for the sake of his son, and gave him a lesson on how children model their behavior closely after their adult role models. "When you model that, they mimic it back to you and sound just like you ... The more they don't hear you say anything, the more it will sink in," she explained.

Tillman also gave Armani's mom Traci some advice on how to get her kids to listen to her, introducing a technique where they'd have to sit in the "Calm-down corner" after misbehaving. Although Armani got up and left the punishment area a whopping 105 times, by the end of the session, he was too tired to disobey.

After two mini-breakthroughs, "America's Supernanny" could finally see a light at the end of tunnel. Hard-earned progress was on the way.

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