12/29/2011 03:19 pm ET

Jesus Socks: Sarah Crane, English Woman, Says Christ's Image Appeared In Laundry

In His latest round of unusual appearances, Jesus has reportedly shown his face on a British woman's clean, gray sock.

Sarah Crane was airing out her freshly washed laundry in Kent, England, when she spotted what appeared to be an imprint resembling Jesus' face, according to the Telegraph.

The 38-year-old brought the image to her boyfriend's attention and took pictures of it to share with loved ones.

Unfortunately when she moved the sock from its original location on a clothesline, the image became slightly distorted.

"But you can still make out his face," the Daily Mail reports.

Crane's unexpected find only adds to a long-running list of strange alleged Jesus sightings.

Earlier this month, a Missouri woman said she saw an image of Christ among the swirls of colors in her son's melted crayons.

The Christian messiah's portrait has also been spotted on Cheetos, toast, and -- wait for it -- on dogs' butts, the Hyperlocal blog points out. (Click for pictures.)


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