12/29/2011 12:03 pm ET

Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx Sued By Oklahoma Prisoner, Shamont Lyle Sapp

Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry are reportedly being sued for $1 million each by an Oklahoma prisoner who claims the two stole his idea for their forthcoming flick "Skank Robbers."

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Shamont Lyle Sapp claims that he gave the two actors the idea to reprise their roles Wanda (from "In Living Color") and Madea (from Perry's various films) along with Martin Lawrence's Sheneneh (from "Martin") for a drama based around a mental hospital.

The legal document states that the prisoner's original concept featured:

"a male white mental patient takes Madea hostage ... He deals with phone calls from the negotiators, as Madea actually pleads for her life in a very sad tear-jerking way ... Her pleas are to be very sad. No jokes at all."

To Sapp's surprise, who ironically is serving time for 10 bank robberies, the project is reportedly being developed into a comedy about the three characters robbing banks.

In addition to Foxx and Perry, Sapp is also suing Fox Broadcasting and producer David Zuckerman for a total of $4 million in damages.