Celebrities Who Broke Up Around The Holidays (PHOTOS)

12/30/2011 04:47 pm ET

Celebrities live their lives in a calculated manner. From where they are photographed dining, to the clothes they wear, to when they announce big life changes -- it's all carefully designed by a publicist.

For this reason it's no surprise so many celebrities file for divorce or announce their breakup around the holidays. Their PR reps love to time a couple's split to the holidays in hope of avoiding too much attention from the media.

Sorry publicist, but that's not going to happen. Russell Brand's decision to file for divorce from Katy Perry on Dec. 30 is a no-brainer with most newsrooms empty and editors dreaming of New Year's Eve and a three-day weekend. Nice try guys.

Check out all of these celebs who split at the holidays:

Celebs who broke up at the holidays


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