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Mitt Romney's Christmas Card Showcases Large Family

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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's 2011 Christmas card features the whole family, including the former Massachusetts governor's children and grandchildren.

Twenty-eight members of the Romney clan are shown decked out in matching outfits, with the boys in blue gingham shirts and the girls in orange polka-dotted dresses. Romney sits proudly at the front of the photo next to his wife Ann, one of his granddaughters propped up on his knee.

"We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, happy holiday season and a joyful new year," the card says.

The snail mail greeting wasn't the only way the Romney family spread holiday cheer. The GOP candidate and his wife also filmed a Christmas message while visiting New Hampshire, where he was campaigning ahead of the Jan. 10 primary.

Since the Christmas holiday, Romney has ramped up his campaign in anticipation of the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucus. The GOP hopeful is hopping back and forth between the Granite State and the Hawkeye State in hopes of winning the two major Republican events ahead of 2012.

Below, an image of Romney, his wife and his grandchildren from the Romney Christmas card:

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