12/30/2011 07:43 am ET | Updated Feb 29, 2012

NBCU, Bain Capital Relationship: MSNBC Anchors Begin Disclosing Relationship (VIDEO)

MSNBC anchors like Ed Schultz and Andrea Mitchell have started to disclose parent company NBC Universal's ties to Bain Capital, the private investment firm co-founded by GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Bain Capital and NBC Universal are both part owners of The Weather Channel. Along with Blackstone Group, the two companies purchased the network in 2008.

Romney left Bain in 1999, but the New York Times reported last week that the candidate forged a retirement deal with the investment firm when he left. According to the Times, Romney continues to receive a share of Bain profits, and takes in millions of dollars each year.

WATCH: (h/t Politico)

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