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Tareq Salahi Making Millions Off Of Divorce?

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Just days after Tareq Salahi's wife, Michaele Salahi, left him for Journey guitarist Neal Schon, insiders claim that Tareq had already begun profiting from the split. Since September, he has reportedly earned an estimated $100,000 in paid interviews.

"Tareq emailed me days after Michaele left saying Neal was going to suffer huge from this financially and that we needed to figure out how to make millions off of [the split]," a source close to Tareq tells me. "Tareq was the controlling and the calculating one. Everyone close to Michaele is very happy she got away from him."

"When they were together, Michaele was not allowed to handle any of her own business dealings," the source says. "Tareq would do anything for money, and now that Michaele is gone, he lost his paycheck and is desperate. Tareq put his own divorce documents in the press just so he could comment for money."

But Tareq denies these allegations.

"I don't know how anyone can profit from a divorce," Tareq tells HuffPost. "Michaele destroyed us, and the truth is she is selling interviews which, in fact, will be proved once all the emails and texts are subpoenaed. I can't wait for the jury trial and to close this painful chapter in my life."

Since their split Tareq has been very vocal about his wife's "calculating and devious" ways. Hopefully both halves of this couple will be able to move on and keep one another's names out of the press once their divorce is finalized.

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