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Keith Olbermann, Current TV Weigh In On 'Countdown' Anchor's Absence From Iowa Caucuses Coverage

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Update (11:36p): Keith Olbermann reportedly declined Current TV's offer to anchor or participate in the network's results coverage of the 2012 Iowa caucuses. Politico's Dylan Byers reported that a Current TV spokesperson told a discussion forum on the network's website that Olbermann was asked "to be the sole anchor and exec producer of our primary and caucus coverage beginning tonight," but "unfortunately, he declined."

Original Post: Keith Olbermann tweeted about his noticeable absence from Current TV's coverage of the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night.

Last week, rumors surfaced that there might be tension between the host and his employer, Current TV, after The New York Times reported on his absence from the network's coverage plans. Earlier in the day, Olbermann tweeted that he was on his way to the office, in response to a follower who asked if "Countdown" would air Tuesday night. Just before official coverage of the Iowa caucuses results began, he tweeted that his show was not going to air. He also told viewers to direct questions to the network and co-founders, including former Vice President and Current TV chairman, Al Gore.

Keith Olbermann
Headed into the office now in fact RT So is back tonight?

Keith Olbermann
So as not to mislead: I am informed Countdown will not be on tonight. I must defer on all questions to and

Keith Olbermann
Back by popular demand, Countdown returns Wednesday Night 8 PM Eastern. Now with 99% less Santorum (google it)

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