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Got The Post-Holiday Blues? Here's How To Beat 'Em

Post Holidays

The Huffington Post   Catherine Pearson First Posted: 01/03/12 08:42 AM ET Updated: 01/04/12 06:02 PM ET

Wait ... hear that? That's our collective sigh marking the fact that the great holiday season of 2011 has finally come to a close.

And while for many of us, that is indeed a relief -- there's no more cooking, no more cleaning, no more forced New Year's revelry -- the post-holiday period can represent a real time of sadness and readjustment, too.

Each of us has our own personal blend of apres-holidays feelings, but there are many issues and emotions that crop up again, and again and again. So we went to a team of experts to ask for some advice on what you can do -- right now -- to help beat those post-holiday blues.

Cut Yourself Some Slack
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First thing's first: When it comes to getting back to "normal" after the holidays, remember that you are not a robot.

"After the holidays, people have this expectation that because they're supposed to be back at work, that everything is going to be normal," said Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. "We're not machines. We don't have a button that we can just push that says 'it's over.'"

The first step, is just knowing that's a real possibility. Whether it's sadness over lingering family issues, or stress about the money you just spent, you might not feel like your typical self simply because the calendar says it's time, Itzkoff said, and that is perfectly okay. Give yourself a pass for a few days and don't feel annoyed or pressured if you don't feel 100 percent immediately. You're more likely to get back there sooner if you are patient with yourself.