Brad Goreski: 'A Voice Said I Had To Move On' From Rachel Zoe

01/04/2012 05:56 pm ET

Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant, Brad Goreski, recently launched his own spin-off career on the same network that made Zoe a household name. And although the critical response to "It's a Brad Brad World" on Bravo has been largely negative, so might his ex-boss's reaction to his new venture.

"Rachel gave that ungrateful kid everything," a friend of Zoe's tells me. "Not only did she give him a job, working with the biggest designers and celebrities on the planet, Rachel also made him a star by putting him on her reality show. And this is the thanks she gets? It's disgusting."

Although many are not surprised by rumors of a conflict, Brad said he thinks it's sad.

"We left on really great terms," Brad told me on the set of "New York Live." "Unfortunately, for her, not. I'm 34 years old, I've been with her for three years and had a voice that said I had to move on. I'm so grateful [new client] Jessica Alba took a chance on me."

If Brad is looking to mend his relationship with Rachel, he needs to think again.

"That will never happen," a Bravo insider tells me.