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Iowa Caucus 2012 Winners And Losers (PHOTOS)

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With the results of the Iowa caucuses now in, we can begin to assess whether the GOP candidates' strategies have paid off.

For some, it's been all about developing a framework in Iowa that could, at least, prolong their campaigns, and, at most, provide them with valuable momentum going into other, arguably more important, primary contests.

Republican candidates aren't the only ones who will feel the effects of the first event in a lengthy primary season. Candidates and outside groups broke new ground in Iowa, blanketing the airwaves in massive ad buys that often took direct aim at primary rivals. The power of attacks ads became more pronounced than ever, bolstered by millions of dollars in expenditures by outside groups.

The GOP hopefuls now turn toward New Hampshire, which will hold its primary on Tuesday, Jan. 10. With some contenders down, but not out, all candidates not named Romney must now work double time to remain relevant. And while they forge ahead, there is another candidate watching it all play out from the White House.

Scroll through the slideshow below for a list of the biggest winners and losers of the 2012 Iowa caucuses.

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