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Titanic 100 Anniversary: Artifacts To Be Sold To Auction (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

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Treasures found at the bottom of the ocean near the Titanic shipwreck will be auctioned off on April 11 marking the 100 year anniversary of the legendary maiden voyage.

Valued at $189 million, over 5,000 artifacts will be sold off in one single collection so that future generations can appreciate the historical value.

But Premier Exhibitions, the company responsible for uncovering the artifacts after undergoing some seven expeditions 2.5 miles under the sea, say they don't just want anyone to buy the artifacts.

Instead, the company is looking for an institution or private buyer to maintain the entire collection and make it available to the public.

"We need to be convinced the buyer's intentions are pure," said Premier Exhibitions spokesperson Brian Wainger Thursday.

While Waigner noted other Titanic memorabilia has been auctioned over the years, he emphasized this was the first time items retrieved from the bottom of the ocean will ever be sold.

"Titanic has much to tell, and I think that the world is still listening," said Premier Exhibitions Inc. Vice President of Collections Alexandra Klingelhofer Thursday.

Several of the artifacts were displayed at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City Thursday— barely a mile from where the Titanic was supposed to dock.

Some of the items include a pair of binoculars, a vest, a bracelet, second-class luggage tag and china from the ship's dining rooms, said Klingelhofer.

New York Guernsey Auction will host the sale at the Sea, Air and Space Museum on 11 April.

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