01/09/2012 03:02 pm ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Crack Recipe On Jacket: Accused Drug Dealer Comes To Ft. Lauderdale Court In Curious Clothing

A Florida defendant already in trouble with the cops may now be in trouble with the fashion police, for walking into a Fort Lauderdale courtroom on Friday with a cartoon recipe for crack cocaine emblazoned on his jacket.

A lawyer photographed the unnamed fashionista sporting a white coat with images of the requisite ingredients and utensils for whipping up the contraban, reports The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which dubbed the outfit a "Crack Jacket."

Follow the recipe from sleeve to incriminating sleeve and you'll find how to mix up white powder with a spoon, add baking soda, cook over a kettle and -- voilà -- a concoction that could land you in jail for several years.

There's also an image of the apparent finished product -- a crack rock. Tying the design together is the aphorism "stack paper say nothing," roughly meaning make money and keep your mouth shut, The Sun-Sentinel says.

Although the wardrobe choice might appear incriminating for someone accused of drug dealing, the defendant in Broward County Court wasn't punished for his attire, The Associated Press reports.

Attorney Joshua Rydell, who represents the crack jacket trendsetter, said he's had other clients who surprised him with drug-themed outfits in court, according to TV station WPBF.


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