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LG OLED TV: Gorgeous 55-Inch Set Is 3D-Capable, Thinnest And Lightest Of Its Kind (VIDEO)

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LG has unveiled its much buzzed-about 55-inch OLED TV at a pre-event running up to the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The super-slim set is said to be the slimmest, lightest and largest of its kind. LG touted the set's "ultra resolution," which Engadget called "crazy sharp."

The Verge, on the scene of the unwrapping, reported that the set weighs a manageable 7.5 kg (about 16.5 pounds) and measures a startlingly thin 4 mm (about 0.16 inches). "Resolution can be reasonably presumed to be 1080p, though again, the colors, contrast, and viewing angles were too awesome for us to try and count pixels," the Verge also wrote.

Gizmodo raved about the picture quality, writing, "OLED is no joke. Acronyms are often hype, but damn does this set look killer. The wafer-thin screen is terrifically bright, small details pop, and colors are gorgeous, making the rest of the panels on display already look like old tech."

The gorgeous set also displays picture in 3D, as long as you're wearing LG-branded 3D glasses.

Pocket Lint says that a late 2012 release date is likely. The price hasn't been revealed by LG.

(Visit Engadget for photos of LG's stunning 55-inch OLED TV.)

LG went on to hint at several more devices, including an 84-inch ultra-def TV that measures only 1 mm in thickness. This smart TV will be powered by Google and will feature voice input, as well as 3D, according to CNET.

The company also introduced its 4.5-inch Spectrum Android 4G "superphone," which will be available on January 19 for $199 from Verizon Wireless.

Check out a video, featuring LG's 55-inch OLED TV (below). Visit our big news page for our comprehensive coverage of CES 2012.



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