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New Hampshire Primary Election 2012: The Undecided Voter (VIDEO)

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BRADFORD, N.H. -- Jon Marden has a problem. The New Hampshire primary is today and the registered Republican can't decide who to vote for.

It isn't that he hasn't been paying attention -- he follows the news like a moth to a flame. It's just that, well, they all seem so incredibly...mediocre.

Although Marden is a Catholic, he's not a values voter. His primary concern right now is getting the economy fixed, and yet the only candidate he's managed to eliminate so far is Mitt Romney, who, oddly enough, is widely considered to be the most financially experienced of all the contenders for the nomination.

But Marden doesn't like Romney because he thinks the former Massachusetts governor changed positions too many times. What Marden wants is a candidate who can keep a cool head in a crisis. "Who would you want to answer the phone at 2 a.m.?" he asked, referencing a Hillary Clinton ad from 2008 that accused Barack Obama of not having the experience -- or judgment -- to act shrewdly during a national emergency.

Santorum? Maybe. Ron Paul? He'd answer the phone all right, but the problem is what he'd say into it.

So here's Marden's plan: if he can't decide who to vote for when he walks into the ballot box on Tuesday, he'll decide what to vote for. "If I can't decide by Tuesday, then I'll be voting for a plank -- an issue that I want to see go through to the national campaign platform -- not a person."

Watch the video above for the whole story.

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