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7 Sleep Conditions, Explained

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Ah, mysterious sleep. For something we do on a nightly basis, there is still a lot about sleep that may still elude or confuse us.

For example: Why is it relatively common for kids to wet the bed? What is sleep paralysis? And what exactly are people saying when they talk in their sleep?

Dr. Philip Gehrman, PhD, CBSM, clinical director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania, told HuffPost that many strange sleep phenomena happen in between stages of wake and sleep.

"It used to be thought that you're either awake or you're asleep, and nothing in the middle," Gehrman told HuffPost. But turns out there are a number of ways that "people can experience things that are not fully wake or not fully sleep."

"A lot of these things are very normal, and you can divide them into two categories: Things that happen in non-REM sleep, and things that happen in REM sleep," he added.

Here, we went to the experts to to clear up the facts about some sleep conditions -- some more common than others. Have you ever experienced any of these?

7 Sleep Conditions
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