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Laura And George W. Bush Wanted Jeb Bush To Run For President

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Former First Lady Laura Bush told a crowd in Sarasota, Fla., that she and George W. Bush were hoping Jeb Bush, George's younger brother and the former governor of Florida, would run for president in 2012. When asked if Jeb would consider a run, she said, "[George] and I wish he would. We wanted him to this time," the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports.

The family is out of politics, but still involved in policy, she said, specifically mentioning Jeb's work in education. Jeb would make a "wonderful" president, she said.

Speculation swirled ahead of the GOP primary season over whether Jeb would join the race, heightened by dissatisfaction with the current slate of candidates by many in the party. Jeb said repeatedly he would not run in 2012, but hasn't ruled out a future bid.

The swing-state former governor has been active in courting Hispanics to the Republican Party, and his endorsement in the presidential race is considered a hot commodity. He had not yet endorsed a candidate.

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