01/12/2012 05:15 pm ET

New York City Parks Department Employee Arrested After Hanging Black Baby Doll From Noose

Less than a month after a New York City Parks and Recreation Department worker found a black baby doll hanging from a metal chain noose, authorities have arrested another employee whom they believe to be the culprit.

Police arrested Fariz Ahmemulic and charged him with aggravated harassment as a hate crime for the incident, CBS New York reports.

The doll was found near a black employee's desk in the department's Bronx borough headquarters, prompting a hate crime investigation. The letters "KKK" were also found scratched in a bathroom.

The department issued a statement, saying they are glad the matter had been resolved.

"We are gratified that an arrest has made in this case," they said. "But regret that the suspect is a fellow employee.

In May 2008, the Parks Department settled a lawsuit for over 20 million dollars, compensating minority employees for prejudices in their promotion and salaries.


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