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Elizabeth Warren Money Bomb To Coincide With Scott Brown Event

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Elizabeth Warren is looking to use the momentum from her eye-popping fourth quarter fundraising haul to launch her first money bomb. The event -- a concerted effort to raise a ton of cash from small donors all in one day, first popularized by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) -- will be held at on Thursday, Jan. 19, the two-year anniversary of Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) victory over Martha Coakley.

Brown is marking the occasion by holding a major rally to launch his reelection campaign. The Republican incumbent took in $3.2 million last quarter, which paled next to Warren's $5.7 million, but the senator has roughly twice as much cash on hand -- nearly $13 million to a bit over $6 million.

"Next Thursday, Scott Brown is celebrating the two-year anniversary of his special election to the U.S. Senate with an official kick-off of his re-election campaign," Mindy Myers said in a statement provided to HuffPost. "He has been working hard to prepare, amassing a $12.8 million campaign war chest with millions of dollars more coming from Wall Street and Karl Rove. We need to narrow the gap, and we need to do it now. That's why we will be busy next Thursday too, putting on our first ever campaign Money Bomb. This is our greatest chance yet to show that we're in this together and that we can go toe to toe with the powerful interests that are lining up up against Elizabeth."

Warren has a passionate grassroots following that is only inflamed by the insertion of Karl Rove into the race. The Rove-backed American Crossroads has been funneling millions into the state in an effort to beat Warren, red-baiting one moment, calling her a Wall Street pawn the next.

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