Celebrity Wax Figures; Hollywood's Hottest Stars At Madame Tussauds (PHOTOS)

01/19/2012 03:24 pm ET | Updated Jan 19, 2012

It seems as though a star hasn't really made it until they can stand next to a life-size figurine of themselves.

From London to New York, and a number of cities in between, Madame Tussaud Museums offer fans the chance to pose with Lady Gaga and grab Robert Pattinson's rear-end, without all of the legal issues that can come from actually touching the star.

Perhaps the funniest moments surrounding these look-a-likes are when the celebrities themselves stop in for a photo-op. Some of these waxy statues require a double take and others require a little more imagination. Rihanna's wax twin in Berlin, Germany bears an unbelievable resemblance to the singer, as does Helen Mirren's version housed in London.

Check the photos of some of the best and worst wax statues and sound off in the comments below!

Whose is the best?

Celebrity Wax Figures


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