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The Many D'ohs Of Homer Simpson: Season 1-20 Supercut (VIDEO)

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After going dark to protest SOPA yesterday, Reddit returned last night with something special: a supercut of Homer Simpson's every "D'oh" from seasons 1-20 of "The Simpsons."

Redditor Andrewjcm did a pretty thorough job combing through 20 seasons of Homer's famous catchphrase. The best part about this epic four-minute supercut is that despite the length and simplicity of it, you never really get tired of hearing Homer say "D'oh." It becomes almost hypnotic.

And, fans will be surprised at how many of the one-second snippets are all you need to remember entire episodes.

There's no telling whether or not Fox will have this video taken down, so enjoy it while you can.

Via The High Definite

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