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'The Office': Robert California's Pool Party Brings Out The Jealousy In Erin (VIDEO)

First Posted: 01/20/12 04:34 AM ET Updated: 01/20/12 04:54 AM ET

With a rather abrupt set-up featuring Robert California moping about having to sell his mansion after his divorce, the gang found themselves out of "The Office" (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on NBC) and at an impromptu farewell pool party at his manor. Once there, the plot bits were so loose it might have been difficult for casual fans to follow it all.

Hardcore fans know Darryl has been trying to move things forward with Val, so they'd understand his reluctance to take off his shirt and show her how out of shape he is. Gabe and Ryan each tried to out-pathetic one another by kissing up to the melancholy Robert at every turn. Meanwhile, Jim -- who'd earlier declared himself the master of leaving parties early -- found himself trapped with the three men on a full tour of Robert's house.

But while Robert was waxing poetic, he was missing the shenanigans at the pool. There, Erin had concocted a scheme to make Andy, who was there with his new girlfriend, jealous. She enlisted the help of Dwight and nearly drowned him for his efforts. Andy, meanwhile, was carrying around a family ring and actually thinking about marriage with this new girl, when even Dwight knows he's not over Erin.

The episode wrapped in as bizarre a fashion as possible, giving Jim his "talking point" and brilliant distraction to make his long-delayed escape into the night. Upon seeing the brighter spirits poolside, Robert decided to throw off his sadness, as well as his inhibitions, and jumped into the pool nude. He was, of course, somewhat reluctantly followed by Ryan and a far-less awkward Gabe.

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