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Rich Kids For Romney: 'I Like Firing People' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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One of the many things we love about children is that they have no filter; they simply "tell it like it is."

When Mitt Romney said he enjoys firing people, many Americans were aghast. How could a presidential candidate say such a thing, especially in this economy? But kids know better. Firing people is fun; most of us are just too afraid to admit it.

Last week, Rich Kids for Romney announced their endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor, and now they're back with a more nuanced look at what makes Mitt Romney the best man for the job.

And the timing couldn't be better. After taking a pummeling from Newt Gingrich in Saturday's South Carolina primary, Romney has some serious ground to make up. Lucky for him, these kids are committed to promoting a message of wealth, privilege and sacking people.

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