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Safety Tape, Polar Ice, A Living Chandelier And More: HuffPost Arts Design Thursdays

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From a chandelier that literally adds life to any room to ice cubes your guests won't stop talking about, this week's edition of HuffPost Arts' Design Thursdays is back with a vengeance. But before we show you all of the innovative products we found this week, here are two outstanding design blogs from our contributors.


Speculative Materialism in Architecture: An Interview With Alisa Andrasek/Biothing
Architect and HuffPost blogger Carla Leitao scored an interview with Alisa Andrasek, the principal of Biothing, on innovative architectural concepts such as "dustism" and much more. It's a fascinating talk with a gorgeous gallery of images. Andrasek explains dustism as a concept that focuses on the "cellular grain of matter, flow of matter, flow of light, heat, vapor, friction, simulation of massive scale erosion and sedimentation or ice melting." She adds that "such architecture is drawing on large data from the finer-grain physics of matter -- matter as information, instantiated by computation." If it reads like a mouthful, it is, so head over to the blog for more from this innovative architect.


The Art of Deconstruction: Building from Paper
Judith Hoffman builds with paper, and in this blog post from our contributors at MutualArt, one gets a great sense of just how ambitious that can be. Hoffman then uses cameras to capture the eventual decomposition of her pieces. Doing so allows her to uniquely capture and comment upon the environment she's working in. Pop over to the blog to read how her work captured Detroit's story in a way that other artists had not been able to.

And here are this week's picks for our favorite design ideas:

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