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Herman Cain Says He Would Support Mitt Romney If He Wins Nomination

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WASHINGTON -- Fresh off campaigning for Newt Gingrich in Florida, former candidate Herman Cain says he also would be comfortable supporting Mitt Romney if he's the one who wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Cain made his remarks as Floridians were heading to the polls Tuesday for their GOP primary.

Cain told NBC's "Today" show that he endorsed Gingrich and campaigned with him Monday because he found Gingrich's tax plan similar to his own proposal, dubbed his "9-9-9" plan.

On being offered to be co-chair of a committee on economic growth and taxes if Gingrich is elected he said, "He offered me that. I call it a job when you get paid. he asked me to be a voice."

Cain said he would be "very comfortable" with Romney, too, but that both candidates carry negatives that would be attacked by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Cain dropped out of the race in early December. He said he wouldn't run again, joking that his "biological clock is ticking."

"I don't want to spend more of my biological clock being beat up," he added.

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