Rep. Laura Bradford Will Not Switch Parties After Ethics Committee Finds No Evidence Of Wrongdoing In DUI Snafu

02/10/2012 04:38 pm ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

State Rep. Laura Bradford has had a rough couple weeks, but after an ethics committee cleared her name today, she's undoubtedly a bit more chipper than usual. Indeed, happy enough to forget last week's threats of leaving the GOP, thereby upending her party's slender Colorado House majority.

In late January, Bradford was pulled over by Denver police for erratic driving and accused of invoking legislative immunity to avoid a DUI. Following muddied reports of her alleged "get out of jail free" card, Bradford was suspended from her post on the local government committee and faced an ethics committee investigation.

Angered by Colorado House Speaker Frank McNulty's decision for an ethics investigation, Bradford indicated last week she was considering leaving the Republican Party. "I'm frustrated by the lack of the support, not just over the last five days but during last session, too," she told the Denver Post at the time.

"There's no need for me to resign. I'm not resigning. I'm here to do the people's work," Bradford told 9NEWS last week. "I'm going to vigorously fight the Ethics Committee's actions to reach a conclusion of complete and total vindication and exoneration."

At the conclusion of the ethics investigation Friday, legislators found there "clearly" was no evidence Rep. Bradford did anything wrong, reports the Grand Junction Sentinel. She will also be reinstated as chair of the local government committee.

Rep. Bradford also will not face charges for having a firearm in her vehicle at the time of the incident. Having a firearm while intoxicated is a misdemeanor in Colorado, though the Denver DA decided this week not to pursue charges due to a lack of evidence.

Reacting to the news, the AP's Kristen Wyatt hilariously tweeted: