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Newt Gingrich In 1998: Joe Paterno 'Gave Me Very Good Advice' On Dealing With Assistant Coaches (VIDEO)

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In a conversation with Charlie Rose in 1998, then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discussed his latest book, "Lessons Learned The Hard Way," and the advice he'd received from Joe Paterno, the legendary coach of the Penn State football program who passed last month. In his explanation, Gingrich said he'd undertaken a "head coach" mentality in his role as Speaker, and that Paterno had counseled him on how to deal with his "assistant coaches" and players.

(Video above via YouTube user mackkenyy96)

Of course, considering the sex abuse scandal that has since rocked Penn State -- stemming from the alleged actions of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky -- the isolated comments about learning the ways to effectively communicate with your deputies are easy to view in a different light.

For more context, watch the entire 1998 Charlie Rose segment below:

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