Nick Jonas Talks 'How To Succeed,' Escaping Jonas Brothers Spotlight

02/01/2012 04:56 pm ET

Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" has a new leading man -- Nick Jonas.

The 19-year-old, who rose to fame along with his brothers, Kevin and Joe, as part of the Jonas Brothers group, has taken over Daniel Radcliffe's role in the popular show. However, it's not the first time Jonas has hit the Great White Way; he began performing on stage when he was just seven years old, and has appeared in shows including "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Les Misérables"

The entertainer, who has sold 20 million albums worldwide as part of the Jonas Brothers, talked to The Huffington Post about his new theater gig and his feelings about moving past his boy band fame.

You just started your tenure as J. Pierrepont Finch in "How To Succeed." How's it going so far?
I just finished my first week and I'm feeling more and more confident each night I do the show. I'm just excited to grow in this role.

Was starring in a Broadway show a big dream of yours?
I actually started off in theater as a kid. I did four Broadway shows in New York, so it's been a dream to come back to Broadway now and to be playing this role, one of the few leading roles for a young man.

You're going to be in the show until July. Are you going to play in the Broadway softball league?
I love baseball. We definitely want to get our team together, and I think there's already been talk of me being the team captain.

Would you rather win a Tony or the softball league trophy?
I think a Tony would definitely be first. I love softball, but it's not nearly as important to me as maybe a Tony would be.

Is it nice to be out of the Jonas Brothers spotlight, at least for a little while?
I'd say that it's been a really interesting journey, the past five or six years, coming now to this place where we can take on different projects, things that we're passionate about, and focus on those things. Then one day we'll come back together as a group and continue to record, that will be great. But it has been nice to sort of step back and do some different things.

It must be great to be able to walk down the street without paparazzi following you.
It's been a great season of sort of really finding some independence and doing my own thing. I can walk the street here in New York; I wear a hat, a scarf and a big jacket and I'm usually fine. There are moments when it becomes more interesting than others, and I should probably have somebody with me just to help. The fans who do approach me are so supportive and excited for me to be in this show.

Did you and your brothers ever get on each other's nerves while working together?
We're brothers, so there were moments here and there, but we actually are each other's best friends. We have quite a close relationship. We're very thankful and feel very blessed to have that.

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