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'Grey's Anatomy' Alternate Reality And More Parallel Universe TV Episodes

Greys Anatomy Alt

First Posted: 02/ 2/2012 5:24 pm Updated: 02/ 2/2012 5:24 pm

The reality is that we love TV, no matter which realm it takes place in, so if a show can successfully pull off an alternate universe episode (or episodes, or full seasons for that matter), we're on board to travel wherever they want to take us.

"Grey's Anatomy" is the latest show to explore how things might've been. Its latest episode, "If/Then," (airs Thurs., Feb. 2, 9 p.m. EST on ABC) gives viewers a glimpse at an alternate version of Seattle Grace and the drastically different lives of the doctors we know so well. Of course, things will snap back to normal next week, but it's fun to explore how things would turn out if a few variables changed.

Some shows take it a step further -- "Fringe" has been flip-flopping between two universes for seasons now -- but there's always a constant: If you care about the characters on a show, you'll watch them no matter how crazy things get around them.

Check out a few of our all-time favorite alt-time episodes.

"Grey's Anatomy," "If/Then"
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What if Meredith Grey had grown up in a happy home that made her a pink-wearing, Alex Karev-loving doctor who's the opposite of dark and twisty? Well, everything would be different, according to this episode: McDreamy is more like McDreary, and he's still married to Addison; Mer's mom Ellis is still alive, and married to Richard (and she's the Chief, not him); Callie and Owen are married with three kids; Bailey is a much meeker version of her usually powerful self; Cristina is friends with no one; and Mer's "person" is now Dr. April Kepner. Can you imagine? We don't have to, because they did it all for us. We just hope this glance into what might've been makes Mer appreciate what she has in real life ... we also hope we won't be adding it to the ranks of "Grey's" mistakes like that never-to-be-mentioned-again musical episode.