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Celebrity NFL Players: Football Players Who've Crossed The Line

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This Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will square off against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. But even if he and the New England Patriots don't manage to avenge their 2007 loss to the Giants, Brady will still have plenty going for him. After all, he calls supermodel Gisele Bundchen his wife, has a hairline that would make any 30-plus male weep, and raked in a whopping $18 million last year.

High school, it seems, never does end, and the NFL's finest still have it all. Except now, the cheerleader is a red-carpet stunner, the prime cafeteria seating is a multi-million-dollar home, and the glory comes in the form of a network reality-TV show -- although, let's be honest, it's hard to imagine your typical acne-ridden jock gliding across the ballroom floor on "Dancing With the Stars."