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Child Stars Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, Kirsten Dunst And More: How Kid Actors Fared When They Grew Up

Drew Barrymore

First Posted: 02/ 3/2012 9:57 am Updated: 02/ 3/2012 9:57 am

This weekend, Daniel Radcliffe stars in the horror film "The Woman in Black." The lead role is an important and likely nerve-wracking next step for the 22-year-old British actor. Best known for playing the lead role in the "Harry Potter" movies, "Woman in Black" represents the first flick for Radcliffe, post-Hogwarts.

As if you needed a reminder, the "Harry Potter" film series has grossed a combined $7 billion around the globe since 2001, developing a worldwide fan base, a theme park and scores of Gryffindor costumes. Therefore, this makes anything Radcliffe does in the immediate future highly publicized and highly scrutinized.

Of course, Radcliffe isn't the only former child star (he shot the first "Harry Potter" movie at 11 years old) to face the pressure of living up to the role that catapulted him or her to stardom. Drew Barrymore, Haley Joel Osment, Dakota Fanning and many more, all had the unenviable task of trying to break out of a character/film they will always be associated with. In honor of "The Woman in Black," Moviefone presents Child Stars Whose Success Did (and Didn't) Fall Flat.


Drew Barrymore
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Big break: Played Gertie in "E.T." at age six.
Worldwide box office: $792 million
Follow-up roles: "Firestarter," $17 million; "Irreconcilable Differences," $12 million
Verdict: Although her box office numbers for her first post-"E.T." films fell flat, Barrymore was able to break out of her Gertie shell, going on to become a successful, Golden Globe-winning actress.

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