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Meet Harold The Cat, Who Walks Around Old Town Alexandria On A Leash (PHOTOS)

Harold The Cat

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 02/ 2/2012 9:46 pm Updated: 02/ 3/2012 4:31 pm

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- You may have noticed that some of us at HuffPost DC are crazy about animals.

So it was no small joy to meet Harold, a friendly black and white cat whose owners take him for walks around Old Town, a place so dog-centric that it has not one but two stores specializing in home-made dog treats.

Harold's owners are 26-year-old Sarah Howell, a massage therapist at Old Town's Sugar House Day Spa, and her husband, 31-year-old Jeff Jones. Harold will be two on Feb. 22 -- "On George Washington's Birthday," notes Jones, who works for the National Park Service.

Harold, Howell and Jones moved to Old Town from Charleston, S.C., in February 2011. HuffPost DC joined Harold, Howell and Jones for their standard walk on a recent Thursday morning -- four blocks, from North St. Asaph Street and Queen Street to North Pitt Street and Cameron Street and back -- to find out how they've enjoyed their first year walking around Old Town.

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Howell: It's nicer. A lot of people know us.

[Harold] sits in our window all day and meows at everybody who walks by. We were just sitting outside of our house one day and this lady parked her car, got out of the car, ran across the street, and goes, "I have to tell you, I hate cats. And I love your cat so much."

I had a client one time telling me all about him. She's like, "There's this cat in Old Town and he sits in the window and he's so friendly and he talks to everybody." I was like, "Is it a black and white cat? That's mine."

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